Miners.nl is thuiswinkel zakelijk certified

Miners.nl is proud to report that we have been Thuiswinkel Zakelijk certified since 30 October 2018. There are many issues that are not yet clear, legally documented or transparent in the crypto market. That is why the management of Miners.nl finds it important that Miners.nl operates according to the rules and transparently.

With the investments that Miners.nl makes in the certifications, we hope to do everything to give you a good and safe experience as a visitor and customer of Miners.nl.

Advantages for you as a visitor/customer?

  • The company really exists
    The contact and location details have been checked and are clearly stated on the certificate.
  • Doing business under Dutch law
    The agreement will be concluded under Dutch law. In addition, the general terms and conditions for companies are easy to find and not in conflict with mandatory rules under Dutch law.
  • Clear offer: you know exactly what you are buying
    Each product and/or service has a clear description that matches reality.
  • Clear order process
    The order process goes through clear steps. It is clear what you are ordering before you enter into a purchase obligation, and you get a chance to correct this before placing the order.
  • Prices are clear
    You are well informed about all additional costs, such as shipping, payment, insurance or administrative costs. You are ordering commercially, so the prices exclude VAT. This is also clearly stated.
  • Secure payment environment
    When you make a payment in the webshop, this happens via a secured connection with an SSL certificate (HTTPS and/or lock at the top or bottom of the webpage).
  • Careful handling of your personal data
    The webshop has a maximum-effort duty to ensure safe transport, safe processing and safe storage of personal data. Thuiswinkel.org periodically addresses the webshop about these obligations and performs ICT security tests. In addition, you can easily unsubscribe to commercial e-mails (see below under “security” and “e-mail” how Thuiswinkel.org safeguards this).
  • Proper complaints and disputes handling by the Dutch courts
    If you have a complaint despite these assurances, then a solution is found in three steps. The first step is to tell the webshop that you are not satisfied. Are you unable to find a solution together? Then as a second step, you can make a report via thuiswinkel.org/klacht-indienen. Thuiswinkel.org will help you with mediating the complaint. If you are still not satisfied after this, you can present a dispute to a Dutch court as a third step. Only if there is agreement in this respect can mediation be done by a recognized mediation institute.

What is Thuiswinkel Zakelijk?

Thuiswinkel.org is the issuer of the certificate. You can be sure that webshops with the Thuiswinkel Zakelijk certificate are reliable webshops that act fairly. They meet important criteria in the area of laws, security and financial stability. All members are certified annually.